How to Solve TETRA Radio Buyers' Top 5 Problems

Author:Airbus       Time:2018-10-01

What is your biggest challenge when buying TETRA radios? That's the question we put to our readers. People like you. Hundreds responded. Their answers are revealing.

It seems there are five top issues radio buyers face, from getting best value for money to ensuring total security. This post reveals how to solve these top five challenges.

Buying PMR radios can be a complex task. Even if you're an experienced equipment purchaser, you will need a great understanding of how your people perform their tasks and how they use radios. To deliver the capabilities users need every day, without fail, radios need to be specified accurately, put into operation properly and supported effectively.

Curious about what obstacles other buyers are up against? More than 400 of our readers told us about some of the common challenges they face. And we provide the solutions.

1 - How do you get value for money when choosing TETRA radios?

Let's start with a big one - one of the main priorities for professional buyers is to get the best value for money. Cost is of course a major factor, but picking the lowest priced product is all too often not the best decision.

Did you know that radios can cost more than the price on the ticket? If you are comparing the unit price of two radios, you need to check that they really are equivalent. It may sound like obvious advice, but comparing specifications needs a good eye for detail.

For example, does the radio work on your frequency? Does it have the correct TETRA Encryption Algorithm (TEA) and is Air Interface Encryption (AIE) activated? The truth is, without these, your radio will not connect to your network. You also need the right software to operate it, a battery and a charger to get it powered up. And don’t forget that all important item, an antenna.

You should also check that the functions you need, like GPS, are actually included. If the offered price includes only the radio unit, it may seem a bargain, but you will need to buy all the other items separately. The result could be a much higher final price than a “plug & play” radio package, with all the necessary stuff included.

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