Why PoC Solutions Make Sense for Critical Communications

Source:www.vdcresearch.com       Time:2019-09-25

Push to talk (PTT) communications solutions have been ubiquitous among mission and business critical mobile frontline workers with the technology first in the 1930s. From police officers to construction workers and from customer service agents to hospitality coordinators, the benefits provided by instant one-to-one and one-to-many communications represent a vital and irreplaceable mode of communication. Today, PTT communication is primarily supported over private LMR (Land Mobile Radio) networks.

Although PTT solutions over public commercial cellular networks have been available since 1996, thanks to the robustness, reliability, and reach of LMR solutions, these continue to represent the primary network for mission critical communications, in particular among first responders. However, with the rapid pace of development of wireless networks and the massive proliferation of smart mobile devices, broader opportunities for PTT over cellular (PoC) solutions are emerging. Today this opportunity is manifesting itself primarily as an augmentation to existing LMR-based PTT solutions. Backed by unique research conducted by VDC Research in the paper, we will explore the evolution of PTT communications among today's mobile workforce and discuss the opportunity for POC solutions specifically.

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