CALTTA's Great Show Up at PMRExpo 2019  Time:2019-11-28

On November 26, PMRExpo 2019 has officially kicked off in Cologne, Germany. This annual event is the biggest Network for Secure Communications Expo in Europe, bringing together more than 230 exhibitors and over 5,000 professional visitors worldwide. CALTTA TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD, a subsidiary of ZTE dedicated to professional trunking communications, attracted groups of visitors by its well-designed products, abundant services and end-to-end solutions.

Cost-effective and High Quality DMR Product Family

At the Expo, CALTTA has presented a new DMR products, including the high-end ultra-thin repeater PR900, the PH6 series DMR T2 radio, the PH7 series DMR trunking radio, etc.

The new Caltta PH6 series are part of the DMR Tier 2 portfolio which support DMO, conventional transition, IP connection and trunking mode to provide full ranges of features such as recording, location, Bluetooth, and man down alarm...etc. To be more specific, PH690 is equipped with the 2-inch half-transparent color screen and full keyboard; the more compact PH660 is equipped with the 1.74-inch half-transparent color screen; PH600 has no screen but highly optimized the audio and voice broadcasting. The diverse terminals can support different application scenarios and requirements. More than that, the PH6 series support IP68 protection, robust enough to operate in a variety of harsh environments. 

With only 1U height, the new generation repeater PR900 is optimal to stack and to support various networking scenarios such as IP connection (up to 64 sites), Enhanced Conventional System (ECS ), and simulcast function. According to the on-site staffs, not only for a larger coverage and increased communications range, PR900 also features the ECS and extended channel capacity, making it an ideal choice for airports, seaports and large factories demanding a higher level production safety, reliability and capacity during operation and dispatching. Its ingenuity industrial design and powerful service functions are widely appreciated by the partners and visitors.

eChat, Communication without Boundaries

Public trunking network has been developing rapidly in recent years and become the new star in this Expo. CALTTA's eChat public trunking network system is designed based on the operator-class platform and provides enhanced stability and traffic handling capacity. eChat supports not only voice services, but also broadband trunking services such as video group call, video push, video pull, video forwarding and distribution, and three-screen visualized dispatching.

During the show, CALTTA presents three eChat terminals with different appearances, which are the palm-sized e350, the omnipotent e700 and the dual-mode large-screen smart radio e800. All of them are equipped with dedicated PTT button for professional user use and can be customized to fit in different PoC user requirements. CALTTA's eChat systems have been widely deployed in urban management, security service, large-scale event assurance and enterprise operation.

Dual-mode Terminal, a Masterpiece of Convergence and Innovation

Convergence development has become the consensus in the private network field, and multi-mode terminals have been addressed by many manufacturers. The theme of CALTTA in this Expo was "Converge All to Talk". As an advocating leader of "Full Convergence", CALTTA demonstrated the innovative dual-mode terminal, GH900.

"For the purpose of reducing the workload of front line personnel, CALTTA has designed and developed this ideal dual-mode product integrating DMR and public LTE," according to the booth staff, “In practical use, we can provide GH900, which is broadband and narrowband convergence, public and private network convergence, all-in-one dual mode to satisfy the requirements of different fields while optimizing the cost-effectiveness.” These products have fully presented CALTTA's strong R&D capability, product customization ability based on different customer requirements.

Cologne is a place that perfectly combines industry and art. As good handicrafts need to be elaborately polished, CALTTA keeps improving itself on convergence and innovation to bring the best service experiences at any demanding times.


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