Inrico Expands Its Offering by Launching S200 PoC Radio  Time:2021-02-22

Inrico, a global leading provider of professional wireless communications, recently launched another Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) radio S200 to further expand its portfolio and meet increasing diversified needs from the market. Working with Inrico’s convergent cloud gateway, S200 is able to talk across systems of different protocols such as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR); therefore, it is an ideal solution for businesses which already have their DMR systems in place and plan to go beyond local on-site coverage for city or nationwide team communications and collaborations.

In recent years, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and its deep integration with all walks of life, the application scenarios of two-way radio are becoming more diversified; and the functional requirements are also getting more intelligent. Besides daily group communications, more interactive services can be completed through two-way radio. S200 is designed to meet such a market trend and for industrial applications. Its ergonomic features intend to retain traditional radios’ advantage in satisfying professional users’ work mode. For example, the 33mm large PTT button makes it easy to initiate a call even with gloves on; the 3.1-inch touch screen intuitively presents essential information and user interface; the 8Ω 2W speaker delivers loud audio in noisy working environment.

With Inrico dispatching system, S200’s versatility is fully unleashed; it works not merely as an instant group voice call radio, it becomes part of the team management and collaboration platform. It interacts with traditional two-way radios, smart phones and the dispatcher. Features such as instant multimedia messaging, NFC patrol and GPS tracking & positioning enable businesses with customized setting of task assignment and management. Advanced AES256 encryption across the system ensures high-level information security, which is extremely important for customers from government departments and public safety institutions.


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