POCSTARS Leads with Geo Group Communications

Source:www.radiochina.info  Time:2020-06-15

POCSTARS, a leading Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) communications solution provider, brings the latest development of different frontiers of communications technologies together and makes Geo Group communications intuitive and powerful.

Integrating PMR trunking communications, geographic information system (GIS), and multimedia technologies, Geo Group provides users with efficient location-based command and dispatch services. This feature effectively groups users according to different regions. Once user enters the group fence area, the system automatically monitors, and when the user leaves the fence, the system automatically cancels the monitoring, which is convenient for the command center to implement cross-regional dispatching of the inspection personnel. Within the group, the PoC system support voice, images and videos sharing.


Prompted by ubiquitous LTE deployment and big data, Geo Group communication has been applied in many industries and scenarios, such as law enforcement, security, logistics, event management, etc. It provides an automatic solution for the location-based and task-based management and scheduling requirements. Especially in emergency medical service (EMS) and security sector, this feature of PoC solution can build a professional platform to connect personnel, form a flat management architecture, and enhance the ability and efficiency of public network information management. 



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