Qualcomm Overcoming 5G mmWave Challenges

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Experts from industry associations, governing bodies, research institutes, carriers and manufacturers gathered at China Radio Conference 2019 in Beijing on November 6 and 7 to share their insights on a full array of topics about 5G applications, IoT & industrial internet, emergency management, private network communication, utility IT and PoC. 5G spectrum was one of the most frequently quoted key words throughout the two-day fully packed agenda. 

The consensus among the speakers at the conference was obvious. Spectrum is critical for 5G success. Among licensed, shared and unlicensed spectrum, mmWave now becomes the new frontier of mobile broadband. Transmissions at mmWave bands suffer from significantly higher path loss and susceptibility to blockage, and mmWave RF complexity makes meeting the cost and power constraints of mobile devices extremely challenging, the main reason why mmWave for mobile communications has historically been not feasible until now. 5G NR mmWave promises the answers, according to Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President, Technical Standards, Qualcomm Technologies.


Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President, Technical Standards, Qualcomm Technologies

During his presentation, Casaccia gave a panoramic view of allocated or targeted 5G spectrum across the world and said that Qualcomm is overcoming numerous wireless challenges to mobilize mmWave and proving the skeptics wrong about mmWave can never be used for mobile.   Runtian Kan, Deputy Secretary General of China Radio Association, at the conference also shared his thoughts on spectrum planning for 5G mmWave in China.


  Runtian Kan, Deputy Secretary General of China Radio Association

China Radio Conference is an annual conference for the radio and communications technology community. The Conference is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, hosted by the Radio Association of China (www.rachina.org.cn), and organized by PPT Communication magazine (www.urgc.net).  China Radio Conference 2019 is the second edition of the conference after it was renamed from China Radio Technology and Application Conference, which was successfully held for 17 years.


Radio China magazine (www.radiochina.info), a media and event platform to introduce the latest PMR products designed in China and to promote technical and business interaction in the global ecosystem, participated China Radio Conference 2019 as the official media on Nov. 6-7 at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center.

Besides the conference agenda, show floor was set up for product and solution providers throughout the two days at Etrong convention center


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