Motorola Solutions to Showcase Safety and Security Ecosystem at PMRExpo 2023
Author : Radio China    Time : 2023-11-28    Source :

Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) today announced new additions to its safety and security ecosystem that help front-line officers and security personnel better understand and manage complex incidents from the field. The LTE-enabled V500 body camera and MXM600 TETRA mobile radio, on display at PMRExpo 2023, are part of a portfolio of solutions that help capture and communicate key insights and information across a network of connected organisations, personnel and vehicles.

“Public safety agencies, defence providers and enterprises are facing increasingly complex threats,” said Michael Kaae, corporate vice president at Motorola Solutions. “Unifying voice communications, video and information from a variety of field devices in the control room is key to solving crucial challenges and improving the safety of communities, workers and businesses.”

Motorola Solutions News at PMRExpo 2023:

  • The LTE-enabled V500 body camera streams live video and location data to the control room, enabling incident managers to build a clearer picture of unfolding events and respond quickly and efficiently.

  • The MXM600 TETRA mobile radio supports safe and secure in-car voice communication for officers on patrol, using AI-powered noise suppression for clear audio, even in the loudest environments.

  • The TLK 25 Wi-Fi is a compact and wearable broadband push-to-talk device equipped with an intuitive voice assistant to boost ease-of-use and worker productivity and safety.

Motorola Solutions Demonstrations at PMRExpo 2023 (Hall 8, C024/D025):

  • Connected Workforce: Showcasing a wide portfolio of body cameras, including the new LTE-enabled V500 embedded with Motorola Solutions’ VideoManager software, the rugged and lightweight MXP600 TETRA radio, the MXP7000 TETRA and LTE portable device and PSCore, Motorola Solutions’ mobile policing application.

  • Connected Vehicle: Demonstrating how integrated voice, video and software can help to make patrols safer and officers better informed. Equipped with the M500 in-car video system, providing constant video streaming, real time alerts and evidence capturing, and integrated with Apple CarPlay intelligent software solutions, the new Connected Vehicle is helping officers to manage operational tasks while on the road.

  • Connected Control Room: Highlighting solutions for seamlessly managing workflows and sharing information across agencies. Cloud-based Critical Connect offers interoperability between LMR systems, broadband PTT networks and control room applications to eliminate barriers and unify communications for all responders.

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