Push-to-talk-over-cellular Technology Facilitates COVID-19 Control
Author : Radio China    Time : 2020-03-05

In February, Wuhan city, the epicenter of COVID-19 outbreak, experienced severe lack of medical resources as the number of affected patients soared. With all sorts of expertise, technology companies in China played an important role in increasing the efficiency and safety of medical staff in the process of virus control and patient treatment. POCSTAR, a communications solution provider specialized in push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) technology, donated equipment to hospitals, and later customized its PoC communications solution for them.


“At the beginning, our team reached out to 23 hospitals, and found out that there were 6 of them in need of onsite communication tools. On February 3rd, we completed configuring, packaging and delivering 510 units of PoC radios to these 6 hospitals in Wuhan,” said Mr. Louis Rong, President of POCSTAR, “by following up with the hospitals, our team understood better the actual user scenarios and were able to customize our PoC software solution.”


While PoC handsets offer instant group calls, which facilitates effective communications among different departments and sections of hospitals, the complete PoC solution is powerful in managing and dispatching medical staff across communities during the campaign of confirming and hospitalizing every single affected patient.

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